Are you searching for a surveyor Company? BF Dyer provides a topographical survey at an affordable cost. We are a professional land surveyor company,

supporting various clients for identifying the features, elevations, and slopes of a parcel of land. A topography survey is used by civil engineers in determining the cost of new construction.

When to approach us?

* Constructing a new home
* Drainage Problems
* Grading
* Remodeling an old building
* New construction

Topographic survey presentation:

The results of topographic survey are drawn on a plate, or an AutoCAD file if needed

Topographic Surveys:    shows the location, size, and height of improvements on a property, as well as gradual changes or contours in elevation. Unlike boundary or residential land surveys, a topographic land survey focuses more on elevation than on horizontal measurements. It is a 2-D representation of what is happening in the real world (3-D and uses contour lines to show the peaks and the valleys of the land.