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B.F. Dyer & Henning, Inc. was founded in 1988.  We specialize in residential and commercial projects throughout Marietta and the greater Atlanta area, and we aim to provide quality work and lasting client relationships.                                                                                   Our field and office work are combined on site. 




We take pride in our  Hands-On  approach to work.

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Why Surveying is a Necessity



When you buy a property without having a survey done, you’re always taking the risk that your rights in the property may not be what you think they are. This is especially important if it appears that your property or an adjacent property has made any improvements (such as installing a new fence or driveway) since the last time a survey was done. There are conditions where encroachments have remained in place so long that a property owner can loose his rights for remedy.


Survey Equipment Mounting Kit. (Patent No: US 10,871,371 B1)

In order to meet a client’s need for construction layout under difficult conditions, we developed an instrument mounting kit. With this kit, our Robotic Total Station can be used where the ground, floor or horizontal surface is too unstable for traditional tripod mounting.